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Comparison of Monticello I and Monticello II View Interactive Version ]

These animations contrast the first version of Monticello with the later remodeling, begun in 1796. At that time, the house was enlarged from eight to twenty-one rooms. Rather than completely demolish the existing structure, Jefferson retained the five first-floor rooms on the southwest, or garden, side of the house and added new ones along the northeast. Working within the original height of the house, Jefferson also introduced an intermediate floor level—making a total of three stories—and crowned the southwest side with a dome. In 1809, after forty years of building and remodeling, the house was essentially completed.

Hint: To best see the comparison, click the pause/play button to rotate the views to different angles.

FormatFlash Animation
CreatorSecond Story Interactive
Image OwnerThomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.

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