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Entrance Hall facing west

A Description of the Entrance Hall by Baron de Montlezun View Interactive Version ]

One of the best descriptions of the Entrance Hall as a museum comes from the Baron de Montlezun, a French expatriate travelling in the United States in 1816. He wrote of the Hall:

"Extremely rare things are seen in it, some of which could not be found anywhere else, among others the upper jaw of a mammoth. It was found in Kentucky . . . The head is complete, but the lower jaw does not belong to the same specimen. Two other very curious objects are: (1) An Indian picture representing a battle; it is on buffalo hide, about five feet square. There are four lines of warriors. On each line there are horses painted red and green opposite each other, as are the warriors, armed and dressed in the manner of the savages. (2) A map, also on buffalo hide, six feet square. without the least defect. It represents a part of the source of the Missouri, and is easily understood although crudely traced. The explanations were written in French by interpreters."

SourcePeterson - Visitors to Monticello, p. 67-68.

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