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Revolving Bookstand

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This revolving bookstand, once thought to be a music stand, was probably made to Jefferson's design and specifications in the joinery. As many as five books could be placed on it at a time. Jefferson may have conveniently placed it next to his chair in his reading-and-writing arrangement in the Cabinet. It is one of three known "revolving " works made in the joinery; the other two are tables.

Constructed of solid walnut, the cube-shaped stand has five adjustable rests for holding books; it has one book rest on the top and one on each of the fours sides. The rests can be folded down to form a cube. A central pole enables the bookstand to rotate at the bottom. A hole in the bottom suggests the possibility that the bookstand originally was supported by a tripod base.1

Artist/Maker Unspecified
Createdca. 1810
Origin/PurchaseMonticello Joinery
Object TypeFurniture and Lighting
Dimensions19 3/4 x 26 3/8 x 26 3/8 in.


  1. Charles L. Granquist, Jr., Cabinet Making at Monticello, 14.

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