Welcome to the Monticello Explorer.

This is the printable text-based version of a rich-media Web site that connects a comprehensive database of information, images, movies and animations with scalable interactive maps of the plantation and an immersive, navigable 3-D recreation of Thomas Jefferson's home. With the Macromedia Flash plug-in, visitors can:

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Explore the Plantation

See how Monticello Mountain changed during Jefferson's life with this interactive map of the center of his 5,000-acre plantation in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Explore the House

Navigate a 3-D recreation of Jefferson's architectural masterpiece and discover the objects, people, stories, and details of Monticello.

Take the General House Tour

Journey with Curator Susan R. Stein as she reveals Jefferson through Monticello's rooms, furnishings, and stories.

Take the Domestic Life at Monticello Tour

Discover what life was like for Jefferson, his family, and his enslaved domestic workers with Monticello's Shannon Senior Historian Lucia Stanton.

Take the Gardens and Grounds Tour

Join Monticello's Director of Gardens and Grounds Peter Hatch for an in-depth look at the unique horticultural world Jefferson created on his beloved mountaintop.

This printable text-based version of Monticello Explorer provides access to the information in the database. Begin exploring the Plantation or the House.