Wine Cellar in 1981

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Wines from all over Europe and elsewhere were served at Monticello. The use of this cellar for storing wine is evident from the pair of bottle-sized dumbwaiters that rise through the cellarís ceiling and into both sides of the mantelpiece in the Dining Room above. The dumbwaiters allowed bottles to be discarded and replenished with minimal intrusion in the Dining Room during post-meal conversations.

Orders for casks and bottles of wine were made on at least on an annual basis. For instance, in February 1820 Jefferson recorded receiving 382 bottles of various wines and "1. cask . . . of Muscat of Rivesalte." The following January he noted that the Muscat "is out, to wit 62 galls in 11. months."

Dimensions11' - 11 " x 17' - 18"; ceiling 9' - 2"
ColorExposed brick.