Jefferson's Bedchamber showing skylight, closet airholes, and entablature

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With its eighteen-and-a-half-foot ceiling, ionic entablature, and large skylight, Jefferson's bedchamber is the grandest of the house's private rooms. The alcove bed, which was just long enough for Jefferson, opens on both sides and connects the Bedchamber with his Cabinet, or office. A hinged, double-door screen (not shown today) was situated on the Cabinet side of the bed and was used to separate the two rooms. Jefferson's private privy -- an early example of indoor bathroom facilities in America -- was located across from the northeast end of the bed. A closet over the bed, with oval holes for light and air, utilized space efficiently and was accessible via a ladder at the head of the bed.

Dimensions18' - 7" x 13' - 5"; height 18' - 8"
ColorThere is evidence that the room was wallpapered; today painted oyster white.
SourceTemple of Fortuna Virilis from Palladio; frieze from Desgodetz, Les Édifices Antiques de Rome.

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